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  1. As beginning from 1947, the enterprise has proceeded with experimental works on creating a light engine, AI-10, an air-cooled 5-cylinder star rated at 80 hp, for powering the Yak-20 training and sporting aircraft. Only 2 prototype aircraft and 9 motors were produced
  2. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a Constitution -class starship that served under five captains from 2245 to 2285, including Robert April, Christopher Pike, Will Decker, and in later years Spock. Its most famous commander was Captain James T. Kirk, whose five-year mission aboard the Enterprise became legendary
  3. Looking for Convention clips? Go Here: https://www.dailymotion.com/omega-ordained New Episodes every SATURDAY!!!! Please hit the Bell icon next to the subscr..
  4. Enterprise was the first Earth built starship capable of reaching Warp 5. The ship was commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer and played an instrumental role in the founding of several proto-Federation alliances. Enterprise had significant engagements with the Klingons, Suliban, Xindi and the Romulans and playing a central role in the Temporal Cold War

Star Trek-Brief History Of The Enterprise - YouTube. Star Trek-Brief History Of The Enterprise. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try. Founding. The founder of Enterprise, John Henry Carmichael, moved to Coffee County and settled in the area in 1881. Carmichael built a small store on what is now North Main Street. In 1882 as others moved to the area, the post office was moved from Drake Eye, located about 5 miles north, to Carmichael's new community History of the enterprise. Belarusian chemical industry was born here, on the ancient Polotsk land, on the left bank of the Western Dvina river. Novopolotsk oil refinery was the flagship of the contemporary branch of economy and currently is an important integral part of the industrial system of the country

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Jack Holt builds the first Enterprise © Jack Holt / Enterprise Association Early Enterprise sailing © Jack Holt / Enterprise Association It was on January 9th 1956 that two Enterprise dinghies sailed across the Channel between Dover and Calais in the middle of the night Nationalization and reconstruction of the enterprise In 1944 At the end of 1944, the recovery of the sawmill Kirov, the plywood factory, as well as the factory 10th... In 1951 In March 1951, an expanded and reconstructed plywood shop came into operation. The house building factory of... In.

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Enterprises bought T1 and later T3 connections from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for connectivity. IPSec VPNs , introduced in the mid-1990s and popularized in the late '90s, made site-site. ENTERPRISE made its maiden voyage under the command of Capt. Vincent P. DePoix, Jan. 12, 1962, conducting a three-month shakedown cruise. In August, ENTERPRISE joined the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. Soon after its return to Norfolk, Va., in October, ENTERPRISE was dispatched to its first international crisis

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  1. From 1891 to 1892 Enterprise was the platform on which cadets at the Naval Academy trained and practiced. Then she was lent to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for duty as a maritime schoolship for 17 years. Returned to the Navy on May 4, 1909, Enterprise was sold five months later
  2. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a 23rd century Federation Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet. It was also the first ship to bear the name Enterprise with this registry. Launched in 2245, the ship was commanded by Captain Robert April until 2250, when command of the ship was..
  3. A Brief History of the Enterprise Approach to Supplier Diversity. 2020 brought us a time of reflection on many fronts, from how we eat to how we prioritize, how we think, how we get from point A to point B, to focusing on what matters. Diversity is one of the elements that came to the forefront in 2020 for many people and organizations

The Constitution-class starship Enterprise-A was commissioned in 2286, at the end of the events depicted in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and is the second Constitution-class Federation starship to carry the name Enterprise. While the ship's history before its recommissioning as Enterprise has never been officially stated, several non-canon sources (such as the AMT/Ertl Model kit documentation) have claimed it to formerly be USS Yorktown (NCC-1717); others cite it as the newly. History of the Enterprise. To Follow Traditions By Way of Progressive Development BELAZ equipment is produced with the aid of time-proved engineering solutions during its design development and on the basis of advanced technologies at its manufacturing. Download brief outline on history of enterprise in PDF format. Output of BELAZ-75710, 450 metric ton load capacity, world's largest mining. History of the Enterprise. Training Forest Enterprise Masaryk Forest in Křtiny (TFE) is an organizational unit of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno (MZLU) established in 1923 mainly for its Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (LDF). Educational programmes of forest engineering, landscape engineering and timber engineering taught at the Faculty are based on a rational.

The Enterprise isn't just quintessential to the long history of Star Trek, it's also one of the most iconic starships of all time. It was the star of the classic series, but later and earlier.. The very first Enterprise kit was issued in a tall box, featuring an artwork of the Enterprise near a red planet. Made up of about 25 parts, the kit was molded in white plastic, with the bridge and main sensor domes molded in clear green plastic. The kit included a simple, battery powered lighting system for the just the upper and lower saucer domes. The lighting system housed two AA batteries in the secondary hull in a flashlight style arrangement with the main deflector.

Software Advice, an online reviewer of ERP software, has published a four-part series on the history of enterprise software.In the series, Lara Zuehlke, Managing Editor at Software Advice, investigates how computing hardware and software evolved from punched cards all the way to the Internet and social applications Enterprise was incorporated in 1896 with a population of 250. Two years later the Alabama Midland Railway Company located in Enterprise and with it came growth and progress. By 1906 the population grew to 3,750 The History of the Enterprise J-Class Yacht. I'm considering model sailboats as a new hobby. I never knew how cool these model ships and boats were. They're perfect little replicas of the actual ships on which they are based; they've even got the freaking Park Avenue booms! Of course, if you don't know what a Park Avenue boom is, you're got a thing or two to learn about sailboat.

One man's vision is how the Enterprise story begins. Back in 1957, a decorated WWII Hellcat pilot returned home after serving over the skies of the South Pacific. This man, a true innovator named Jack Taylor, had a steadfast dedication to his country, his family and the dream of starting a business History [edit | edit source] Construction [edit | edit source]. The Enterprise was built at the Antares Ship Yards; the decision to model the ship after the failed experiment USS Excelsior was highly controversial. However, Starfleet decided to use it for both economic and technical reasons, as Excelsior classes had shown that they could withstand the test of time; indeed, they would still be.

It's a supreme moment in the history of Movie Trek that, even now - 25 years and countless viewings later - the build-up to her demise is as effective as it was the first time around The one ship that most nearly symbolizes the history of the United States Navy in World War II. -James V. Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy The seventh Enterprise (CV-6) was laid down July 16, 1934; launched Oct. 3, 1936; and commissioned May 12, 1938, with Captain Newton H. White in command. The ship's sponsor was Lulie H. Swanson, wife of former Secretary of the Navy Claude A. Swanson.

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When a discipline such as enterprise-architecture is changing all the time, just how useful is it to hark back to its history? The start-point for this one was that, in one of those interminable threads on LinkedIn, several of the participants asserted that enterprise-architecture had to be about IT, and could only be about IT, because, they said, that was where it had started NCC-1701 - captained by Christopher Pike, Spock, James Kirk. When I started writing this article, I consciously decided to ignore all the Enterprises that were from alternate realities - hence. The first of all US ships to bear the name of Enterprise was a Continental Navy sloop-of-war that served in the American Revolutionary War on Lake Champlain. Originally a British sloop named..

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History The Enterprise, a Constitution-class vessel, specialized in missions of many types, usually 5 years in duration. Originally launched in 2245, the original Enterprise was in service for some 40 years, with a refit completed in 2247 and another refit completed in 2271. The original Enterprise was destroyed in 2285 over the Genesis Planet in order to stop it from falling into Klingon. The back story on enterprise software can be traced all the way to the 1700s with punched cards, but computing really got its legs at end of the 19th century when Herman Hollierth founded the company that would eventually become International Business Machines (IBM). From there, mainframes and supercomputers dominated throughout the early to mid 1900s. Further advances led to the birth of new stages in computing: the minicomputer, and the early stages of enterprise software The Enterprise Application Software market is $50+ Billion marketplace, employing hundreds of thousands around the planet, and continuing to offer businesses leaps in productivity and efficiencies. The companies today, however, are not the companies of yesterday. Companies continue to come and go in this marketplace like no other. Corporations that had hundreds of millions in annual revenues. The Legacy of Ships Named Enterprise Toughness: Aviation Machinist Mate First Class Bruno Peter Gaido Honor the Past — Inspire the Future —LCDR O'Hare Remembered A Cruise through The Battle of Midway USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Sailors Honor USS Enterprise (CV-6) Sailors USS Enterprise: Past, Present.

Construction began on Enterprise on June 4, 1974. Designated OV-101, it was originally planned to be named Constitution and unveiled on Constitution Day, September 17, 1976. Fans of Star Trek asked US President Gerald Ford, through a letter-writing campaign, to name the orbiter after the television show's fictional starship, USS Enterprise History of the enterprise. Antecedents: From 1969 Greguska Karoly worked at the country-wide KuASY Repair Workshop of Írószer Szövetkezet dealing with the repair of injection moulding machines. 1988. Obtains the title of Injection moulding master. 1989. Foundation of the enterprise Help from an Enterprise Sailor. Although some of my leads were drying up, an Enterprise veteran, as well as Joel, was able to provide background information about the 14 May kamikaze hit.I had gotten to know Norman L. Zafft several years earlier when I was researching Lieutenant Kazuo Nakai, who had attempted to crash into the Enterprise on 1 February 1942 off the Marshall Islands

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The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 (Constitution-class), originally starts as just one of dozens of such vessels in the United Federation of Planets's service, but it slowly distinguishes itself as the premiere ship, thanks to its countless adventures and first-contact situations under several different captains, starting with Robert April (who was assigned a new command upon the completion of the Enterprise's original mission in 2250) and running through to, arguably, the most. History: 1961-1965 The eighth Enterprise (CVA(N)-65) - the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier - was laid down on 4 February 1958 at Newport News, Va., by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co.; launched on 24 September 1960; sponsored by Mrs. William B. Franke, wife of the Secretary of the Navy; and commissioned on 25 November 1961, Captain Vincent P. de Poix in command. The Enterprise was one of the first 12 Constitution-Class starships commissioned by Starfleet in the mid 23rd century For history is not only an enterprise of knowledge in itself, it cannot but have a special involvement with the history of other enterprises of knowledge. The view of history as an enterprise of knowledge is, of course, very old-fashioned: I am not trying to innovate anything whatsoever. However, this and related epistemic approaches to history have taken some hard knocks over the last few. Enterprise (EPD) announced significant capital growth projects in 2011, largely focused on newly developing shale plays where we have an existing presence and the ability to link-and-lever new builds with our existing infrastructure. The majority of capital growth will be in the Eagle Ford shale area in South Texas. We've announced a number of expansions in that area including gathering systems, a state-of-the-art gas processing facility, pipelines (natural gas, crude, and NGL), as well as.

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On October 3, 1936, Enterprise was launched with Lulie Swanson, wife of Secretary of the Navy Claude Swanson, serving as sponsor. Over the next two years, workers completed the vessel and on May 12, 1938 it was commissioned with Captain N.H. White in command

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Here is a brief time line of ERP History: ERP History began with early attempts at calculating machines in the 1940's. In the 1960s, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is born in the early 1960s from a joint effort between J.I. Case, the manufacturer of tractors and other construction machinery, and partner IBM

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integral component of today's complex global marketplace. ERP software helps companies streamline business processes. Share This Infographic On Your Site . Thank you for visiting our site. To give you the best experience on our website, we use cookies to personalize content, provide social media features, and to analyze our traffic. You have the. Enterprise Mfg. Co. made Steam Rollers in the 1890's. This sawmill and engine manufacturer was established in 1878 under the name of The Enterprise Manufacturing Co. Reportedly the company was founded by Jacob Nold Detwiler (1854-1936) and his two brothers-in-law, Elmer and Albert Harrold. At some point Albert Harrold left Enterprise to form the Harrold Tool Co. in Leetonia and Elmer Harrold.

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History of the Enterprise P.U. By enterprisedavid Watch. 55 Favourites. 49 Comments. 10K Views. For Over 40 Years.... They have thilled us with there adventures Amazed us with there discoverys, and inspired us with their courage Their ship has journeyed beyond imagination, her name has become legend Her crew, the finest ever assembled We have travel beside them from one corner of the galaxy to. But at the time of publication, the idea of Enterprise Architecture was such a foreign concept, Zachman said, that people didn't understand what it was. Even so, the origins of his ontological framework were already almost 20 years old by the time he first published them Download history of the enterprise performance life cycle eplc document. On this page you can read or download history of the enterprise performance life cycle eplc in PDF format. If you don't see any interesting for you, use our search form on bottom ↓ . Enterprise Performance Life Cycle Framework - HHS.gov.

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Though he never mentioned the letter campaign, President Gerald R. Ford expressed his preference for the name Enterprise, with its hallowed Navy history, and the space administration's. So let's take a look back at the history of Enterprises getting blown up real good. Some of these examples come from alternate timelines or possible futures, but they all have one thing in. The Paddle Steamer Enterprise is one of oldest working paddle steamers in the world and illustrates the important role paddle steamers played in Australian history. It is the largest functional object at the Museum and its story is being preserved for future generations. It was listed on the Australian Register of Historic Vessels in 2012

History and Etymology for enterprise. Middle English, from Anglo-French, from entreprendre to undertake, from entre-inter- + prendre to take — more at priz Read about the history of USS ENTERPRISE. Read about the deployments of USS ENTERPRISE. back to top go to the end of the page. Accidents aboard USS ENTERPRISE: Date Where Events; February 9, 1963: Atlantic: In the mid-Atlantic a wave washes over the #1 elevator on the ENTERPRISE while the elevator is in the down position. Four men are washed overboard. Two are rescued but one later dies.

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It all began when Bob Woodson launched the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise in 1981. And the rest is history. Created by the merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology boasts a long and proud history of innovation, service and value. In 1959, computer analysts Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones pooled $100 to form CSC, providing computer manufacturers with complex programs known as assemblers, compilers and operating systems Enterprise Resource Planning is a company which increase it sales by 20% because of ERP. The vice president states that ERP has provided the key to becoming a truly global company. Design can be made with the accurate data and with the process that concretes demand and supply across border and oceans. This change is worth billion to us in sales worldwide. (Wallace & Kremzar, 2001) The. By 1960, however, construction on the enormous ship was complete and it was ready to launch out to sea and into history. In 1961, the USS Enterprise was commissioned and her illustrious career begun. Dubbed the world's first supercarrier, the newest Big E measured in at 1,123 feet, earning her the record for the longest naval vessel that had ever been constructed. Capable of.

Enterprise was ordered to serve in the Pacific fleet in April 1939, and was sent underway to conduct training and transport Marine Fighter Squadron 211 (VMF-211) to Wake Island in November 1941. Big 'E' was returning to the Hawaiian island of Oahu on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941 when it received news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Enterprise became one of the first ships to respond to its nation's call to war and went on to earn 20 battle stars, the most for any U.S. The Starship Enterprise NCC 1701. Any true fan of Star Trek will tell you the USS Enterprise is no mere starship — it's a character in its own right. They might even know that several ships, all bearing the proud name, have carried captains and crews on their long and dangerous missions to seek out new life and civilizations in the farthest reaches of the galaxy

by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eric Lockwood, Naval History and Heritage Command, Communication and Outreach Division On March 6, 1822, a 12-gun schooner named Enterprise captured four pirate vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. The event is little known, not well documented, and it was one of her last operations before sinking in Legislative history of the Enterprise under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the Agreement relating to the Implementation of Part XI of the Convention In the 22nd century timeline of Star Trek: Enterprise, the very first Warp 5 ship was named the Enterprise. This mirrored real NASA history because the first space shuttle was named Enterprise

HISTORY AND THE ENTERPRISE OF KNOWLEDGE of truth in seeking knowledge. The fact that knowledge has its use does not, obviously, make the enterprise of acquiring knowledge in any way redundant. In fact, quite the contrary. (3) Identity scrutiny: Underlying the political debates, there is often enough a deeper issue related to the way we construct an Guangzhou Mingrui enterprise co., Ltd, was established in Guangzhou, It serves as a markert window, engineering project and service center facing to overseas markert. From then on, MRZX became our brand name of Mingrui Zhongxing Group. in the same year, Mingrui Zhongxing developed the vacuum capping machine. In 199 India. For history is not only an enterprise of knowledge in itself, it cannot but have a special involvement with the history of other enterprises of knowledge. The view of history as an enterprise of knowledge is, of course, very old-fashioned: I am not trying to innovate anything whatsoever enterprises to bring all manner of Western i ndustry to Japan, and built up huge debts in the process. To extricate itself, the Meiji government conducted a mass privatization, in which mos Dedicatory Plaque, Enterprise Tower, U.S. Naval Academy. Enterprise entered World War II on the morning of December 7, 1941, when her scout planes encountered the Japanese squadrons attacking Pearl Harbor. Not until May 14, 1945, when a Kamikaze attack off Kyushu, Japan, left a gaping hole in her flight deck, was she forced to leave the war

History of the enterprise. LLC Volyn-Kalvis is an enterprise that professionally deals with the problem of energy saving. It was founded in 2006 in Kovel, Volyn region, as a result of consolidation of foreign capital and domestic equity of Ukrainian entrepreneurs. The foreign capital is represented by CJSC Kalvis Siauliai, Lithuania. This company has been manufacturing solid fuel boilers. Star Trek: Enterprise season 2 featured Regeneration, a Borg episode that was both a sequel to Star Trek: First Contact and retconned Star Trek: The Next Generation history. Despite Enterprise being set 200 years before TNG, Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) and the crew of the NX-01 had already encountered the Ferengi without learning the name of the alien race You asked for a history of changes to the enterprise zone program since its inception. SUMMARY. The legislature enacted the enterprise zone program in 1981, when it authorized the economic development commissioner (now, the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) commissioner) to designate six zones. The program offers tax incentives and other benefits for manufacturing and various service businesses operating in designated economically distressed areas The U.S.S. Enterprise-F is a Yorktown-class cruiser under the command of Captain Va'Kel Shon. She is the successor to the U.S.S. Enterprise-E, is the flagship of the Federation, and was launched in 2409. 1 History 2 Crew 3 Missions involved 4 Missions formerly involved 5 Other involvement 6 Equipment 6.1 Weapons/Equipment 6.2 Abilities 7 Notes 8 Gallery 9 See also 10 References 11 External.

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The Enterprise -J at the Battle of Procyon V in the Cryptic universe . The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-J) was a Federation Universe -class multi-mission explorer starship active during the 26th century. It led Federation forces in the Battle of Procyon V, the final battle in the war against the invading Sphere Builders What we really mean by a social enterprise is one that combines revenue growth and profit making, which of course are both still incredibly important for organisations, alongside the need to respect and support its environment and stakeholders externally. A social enterprise listens and it invests and manages the changes that shapes today's world. A social enterprise doesn't just sit on the side and worry only about how it makes money, it really thinks through why its commercial. The Invention of Enterprise gathers together, for the first time, leading economic historians to explore the entrepreneur's role in society from antiquity to the present. Addressing social and institutional influences from a historical context, each chapter examines entrepreneurship during a particular period and in an important geographic location. The book chronicles the sweeping history. Status: active ( 2411) The USS Enterprise ( NCC-1701-F) was a 25th century Federation starship, an Odyssey -class vessel launched in the year 2409 under the command of Captain Va'Kel Shon. ( STO mission: Boldly They Rode Star Trek is not solely the story of Enterprise.There's Deep Space Nine and Voyager and a whole galaxy full of other vessels and settings. But the name ties the icon of the original series.

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